Highland Lakes Baptist Camp

Mission Minded Ministries

Scholarships provide a lasting legacy at Highland Lakes.

Without financial assistance, some are unable to come to camp.

With the help of scholarships 96 children and youth were able to attend Camp in 2015.

This is what they have to say about their time at camp:

“I…drew closer to God… I am a senior this year and what I got out of camp will help me to stay on tract and in God's will when I head off to college next fall.”  Martha

“I learned a lot more about the bible.” Breanna (10 years old)

“It was so inspiring to be around so many teenagers who wanted to worship God…I will remember it for the rest of my life.” Haley

“…I enjoyed the preacher there also.  He helped me understand more about Jesus’s life in a way that I could not ignore. It was almost like Jesus speaking to me.   I’m also thankful about having a three course meal everyday so that we would not grow hungry.” Jeremiah

“Pastor Steve spoke in a way to help me to better understand the Bible story…In church, he speaks in a way that adults know, but at camp he uses words that kids know and can understand better.” Deklan

“This was my second year at camp…A few weeks after I got home I accepted Christ in a prayer.” Madagan

“After seeing so many people leaving the worship hall in tears (including myself a few times), it really made me realize that spiritual growth and conviction, not happiness and feel-good attitudes, was the true purpose of the messages, and they certainly achieved that goal.” Matthew

“I also learned God has a plan and everything that is happening in my life right now God already knows about.” Deanna

“The most fun thing was the blob…Thank you for letting me learn about the Word of God. I can’t wait to come again.” Towner

Click Here to sign up to give a one time gift or scholarship to Highland Lakes. If you need assistance with the donation site please call: Mary Brown at 317-481-2400 x237.